Working with negative numbers 9-15

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ELC-3029 Working With Negative Numbers

Printed on thick plastic and cut. This material is ready to put on the shelf.

An integrated approach to helping upper elementary students (6th grade) and middle school students (7th - 8th grade) understand and work with negative numbers. 

The format and design of this material is used in Montessori Secondary I or Middle School with an emphasis on the discovery and application of the concepts rather than repetitive rote exercises. The set includes manipulatives specifically designed for use in the adolescent level. 

Includes concepts in:

  • History of negative numbers
  • Overview
  • Addition of Integers
  • Rules for Addition of Integers
  • Subtraction of Integers
  • Rules for Subtraction of Integers
  • Division of Integers
  • Rules for Division of Integers
  • Multiplication of Integers
  • Rules for Multiplication of Integers
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