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About Us


Think Education Supplies (TES)  was formed in 2003 initially to market in Australia and New Zealand the high quality of  the Gonzagarrdi range of Montessori materials 0-12 years and wooden furniture 0-12 years, all items are made in Europe, in 2015 The Nienhuis Montessori range was added.

This range has been expanded to include the full range of constantly updated printed card materials from ETC covering from 0-15 years in subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science , Geography and Timelines plus a full range of general materials focusing on stimulating  thinking and processing skills across the 0-15 educational curriculum.

Think Education Supplies is incorporated in both Australia and New Zealand.

Our warehouse in Brisbane carries a substantial amount of stock to fill orders as soon as we can.

Our Aim. Constantly be on the look out to add both local and overseas high quality made materials that fit our TES criteria in both Montessori and General area,  at a competitive price.


The founder of Think Education Supplies, David Knibbe, has over 40 years experience in marketing educational materials from 0-15 year old students including set ups of schools and childcare centres.

Please fill in customer details before placing an order.

 Schools and centres can  order direct from us  and open an account , tax invoices will be issued