Understanding Functions of DNA and RNA

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ELC-4018 An ETC Montessori original! Aimed at students in 9-15, 
For the first time, you can now present the functions of DNA and RNA to students in an easy and very understandable way. Using an original design, the building of DNA can be created in a way that is easy. Use this material as a prequel to our Introduction to Genetics packet (ELC-4017) if you are presenting it in the Middle School environment. Included are activities that for the first time bring together the Patterns of Human Migration (ELC-5079), the Human Migration Chart (ELC-5076), and The Human Journey (ELC-5050). Tying into the Human Genome and the Human Genome Project, students can begin to make the necessary connections. 

This is one curriculum that was never available in Montessori classrooms, until now! 

This all-inclusive kit gives you everything you need to perform the functions of DNA and RNA molecules:

  • Teacher's Notes and Answer Key (Available Online Only) Download and print at your convenience.
  • Puzzle pieces to make:Show DNA replication
    • DNA
    • RNA
  • Show RNA transcription
  • Show RNA translation
  • Exploration and activity Cards for:
    • Mitosis
    • Meiosis
    • Reading Chromosomes
    • Genetic traits on chromosomes
    • Timeline of DNA discoveries
    • DNA replication
    • Transcription
    • Translation
    • Genetics and how they are used today - The Tasmanian Tiger
    • Human Migration 200,000 years ago to Present
    • Opposing Viewpoints (geared towards students in the Middle School)
      • Our Genomic Information for the Benefit of Society
      • Genomic Discrimination
      • Using Genomic Information to Improve Health
      • Should There Be Limits in Genomic Research and Information?
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