Turn Over 2 with Activity Tray (STEM)

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Turn Over: 2 and Activity Tray

What is it: very high quality materials

Turn Over are a self corrective activities that develop the basic skills for reading, writing and arithmetic and reasoning. Ages 4 years up to 12 years 

Contents : a wooden box with lid (21.5 x 21.5 x 2 cm) - a set of 12 plastic exercise cards - instructions. And 30x30 cm wooden activity tray with 12 coloured segments.

How To Operate: Follow the clear instructions in the book. Use the activity tray segments to answer the questions on the round plastic card. When completed turn over this plastic card and observe if all questions are answered correctly. If not do the incorrect ones again.


  • 1.    Homes and animals.
  • 2.   Object quantity matching 1-12. 
  • 3. Matching shoes with activities including sports.  
  • 4.   Quantity matching less than.  
  • 5.   Positive and negative of a leaf or leave formation. 
  • 6.   Find the contents eg tools in a tool box.
  • 7.   Position of the clown and the ball. 
  • 8.   What remains eg eating an apple and core remains.  
  • 9.   Products that are made from eg sheep goes with wool.
  • 10. What is missing eg fishing rod without a hook.
  • 11. What goes together eg paint and paint brush.

12.Consequences of an action eg balloon near prickly cactus

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