Tree of life chart -Cladistics

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Tree of life chart cladistics

This Tree of Life is used as a classification chart. The categories and groups are based on the popular "cladistics" approach. How do biologists categorize organisms? How are genetics used to create a lineage for one group of organisms and not others? With easily recognizable pictures students can use this chart to trace the origin of organisms back to the three domains.

Note: This chart is based on the format of taxonomy known as "Cladistics." If you are looking for a tree of life chart based on the 5 and 6 kingdom format please see item ELC-4042.

Although the idea of a tree of life was originally described by Charles Darwin, it was not readily accepted until Carl Woese offered to refine the idea using genetic data to show that all organisms share common genetic patterns that can ultimately be traced back to a common origin.

Dimensions of chart 61x91.5 cm (does not require to be laminated)

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