TL-022W Timeline of the universe (working)

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TL-022W Timeline of the universe (working) The story of the creation of the Universe is the first Great Lesson and it has been presented to generations of children that are a part of the Montessori pedagogy.

This timeline is an ETC Montessori exclusive and was developed to be more than just a visual representation of this Great Lesson. For many of us it is a story that is a part of the opening of every school year, and now you can bring this story to life with amazing clarity, teacher demonstrations, interactive panels and brilliant displays.

To help you accomplish this our timeline comes with the following:

  • A full control chart printed on our Stayflat material. Use this to strike the imagination and to use as a backdrop while you are telling the Great Lesson. (230cmx38cm wide)
  • The story of the creation of the Universe. Included are the references to the individual panels.
  • Teacher demonstration experiments to arouse the child's imagination and understanding of what happens. These 9 experiments are connected to the story and furthermore, are referenced as side notes in the story for a better integration with the lesson.
  • Individual panels of the timeline. These panels allow the story to become interactive and provide a concrete way for children to understand the sequence of the creation of the universe while giving them a sense of awe and understanding of their place in the cosmos. (each panel measures 23x44.5cm)
  • Movable arrows to indicate the various epochs.

Information cards that are used in conjunction with the movable arrows. These cards provide information of what happens during each of the epochs along with a time frame as events progress.

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