Kapla Construction Puzzle Pack

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Box contains 16 wooden KAPLA planks in a natural finish with 12 challenge cards of increasing difficulty. Perfect for travel, as a gift and as a party game.

KAPLA is a wooden block construction toy made up of identically-sized pieces of wood making it ideal for creating many kinds of structures. By placing planks on top of another, pieces stay in place by balance and gravity. Its concept is extremely simple but with some experience and imagination the game can become very complex. KAPLA is suitable from age 3 and a toy which you can never outgrow.  It’s an exceptionally versatile tool, used in schools around the world, for teaching STEM concepts, creativity, logical thinking, dexterity and concentration to children of any age or skill level.

The unique size of the planks with dimensions in the ratio of 1:3:15 (11.7 x 2.34 x 0.78 cm) makes them ideal for building many kinds of structures. KAPLA planks are subject to high-quality controls that meet national and international standards. Made out of 100% high quality unprocessed pine wood from the pine forest of the Landes, a natural renewable forest situated in the south-west of France. The planks are not varnished or treated. Colored planks are stained with non-toxic water based paints.

Even little kids can build very rapidly and very large. And because of their simplicity you can build with endless variety. ​With KAPLA, children are naturally encouraged to think logically and develop spatial awareness. The use of identical blocks, without any element of fixation develops skills to think in a 3- dimensional space.

To challenge gravity, you will need to master your emotions and prove your determination.



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