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9 cm Toddler Scissors


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Toddler Scissors: 9 cm

This 9 cm long toddler safety scissor is ideal for the younger children age 2-6, they find it easy to use for cutting plus the use of their 3 finger grip prepares them to use a pencil-pen for writing.

These scissors come highly recommended by teachers and trainers wherever we have shown them, they are very well made of stainless steel.

The following information was written by Amy Kirkham. ( Amy is a Montessori trainer)

Dear David,


Thank you for the Montessori toddler scissors, they are beautiful in their simplicity as well as functional and a delight to use.  The rounded tip provides safety, but the blade also cuts efficiently providing great satisfaction for children and adults alike.  Even though they are marketed as toddler scissors I have also found them to be the perfect size to put on “writing trays” with paper and pencil for both adults and children to create and cut their own labels to size.


All the best,