3 Part Cards and Matching Cards

Think Education Supplies is the sole agent in Australia and New Zealand for ETC. 


In June 2017  a new digital press dedicated specifically to the printing of plastic materials was installed at ETC.

Printing now on a new and much thicker 15 mil plastic that is far superior to anything that you might find out there that is laminated.

ETC Montessori has made a commitment to provide you with the absolute best. This idea of providing the best materials is a part of ETC’s company culture and DNA.

When lamination became popular in the 1930's it did so because there were no other options! However, with today's innovative printing techniques, and new chemical processes, we are able to bring you materials that are printed not on paper, but full plastic. Lamination, in and of itself, comes with a great number of drawbacks. Many of you are not strangers to bubbling due to humidity, delamination, curling, yellowing and so on. These are all problems that are no longer found in the new plastic that we are using.   

Now you can purchase  the curriculum and printed materials on their NEW thick 15 mil plastic. You will receive the items cut and ready to put on your shelf.

The benefits of our new 15 mil plastic are many. However, a short list follows:

  • Recyclable
  • Incredible durability
  • Substantial thickness
  • Will not yellow in the presence of sunlight
  • Does not curl, but lays flat
  • Has a high level of brightness so that colors come through
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • Has a matte finish so there is no glare
  • Offers flexibility so it will not crack, or break
  • May be stored in any environment for any length of time

We believe that information is our greatest ally, and a technology that began in the 1930's just might not be the best option anymore. Therefore, we encourage you to take a closer look at our NEW plastic.

ETC makes very nice 3 part cards and matching cards printed on 175 gsm card materials or on 175 gm pvc materials.

All prices are for the pvc materials and card material can be ordered to: david@thinkeducation.com.au