Lasy Construction 400+ pieces (STEM)

$384 (Exc Tax)
$422 (Inc Tax)

This large set of LASY construction has over 400 pieces and is very good value. save 20%

Bricks 2x4x8 cm and are in the mathematical language of 1x2x4

Wheels 8 cm diameter.- total number of wheels is 32. 2cm thick,4 cm wide and 8 cm long.

It has 2 types of white rods that are round or square  and come in different lengths.

This unique construction is different from anything else on the market as can be seen from the pictures.

Making the bike shows some of the very interesting items that can be constructed with this set.

In this large set with 32 wheels 8 children can work independently or as a group project.

It comes in 4 plastic storage boxes with lids.

Comes with an idea book showing over  17 different models that can be made just to warm the childrens imagination.

This is a STEM activity.

Ages 3-adult

Other Details
SKU: TES.030.4
Width: 400.00 (cm)
Height 80.00 (cm)
Depth 20.00 (cm)
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