ELC-3048 Constructing 3D Compound Polyhedra

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Constructing 3D Compound Polyhedra



A compound polyhedral is a polyhedron that is made up of several other Polyhedra sharing a common centre. Some of these constructions are extremely challenging take time to make, however, there is a great amount of geometry that can be discovered by constructing these shapes.

This set of blackline masters contains these solids:

  • Compound Dodecahedron and Icosahedron
  • Compound Cube and Octahedron
  • Compound of two Cubes
  • Stella Octangula

All black line masters come in two formats. The black and white models allow your students to color them. The colored model of each solid is pre-colored by us, and is ready to cut out and glue together. discussions.

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