Buiding Atoms with the Atom Board

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Building atoms with the atom board

Our atom board is based on the Bohr model and has scalloped "energy shells" to symbolize the various energy levels that electrons occupy.

The Bohr model depicts the atom as a small, positively charged nucleus surrounded by electrons that travel in circular orbits around the nucleus, this is similar in structure to the solar system, but with electrostatic forces providing attraction, rather than gravity. Because of its simplicity, and its correct results for systems, the Bohr model is used to introduce students to quantum mechanics.

Students will be able to build the models of every known element on the periodic table and perform various "what if" scenarios. Use marbles**, beads**, m&m's or skittles for electrons, protons and neutrons.

You can find information on how to implement the complete line of ETC Montessori Chemistry Curriculum by following the link here.




The Atom Boards Includes:




  • Teacher instruction and      presentation lessons for various concepts
  • periodic table*, and
  • a complete set of cards of all      the elements so that students can build atoms and explore additional      concepts.


comes printed on 175 gsm plastic,


Advantages of pvc plastic are , colours stay stronger, feels like paper but it is smooth ,moisture resistant, last longer than even laminating, above all it saves staff time, the items come cut and are ready to be used .





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