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Any group photo will show you how individuals of the same stature have different proportions: some have longer legs or a longer trunk, although their shoulders may be at the same height, some children have longer necks and are thus taller when measured from the tops of their heads. Choosing a chair and desk that fits the height of the student is not enough. only millimetric adjustment to suit specific anatomic data is able to provide the correct sort of furniture for everyone; furniture that can be adapted over time, depending on the different growth rate of each individual


This is why Fami School, in collaboration with C.R.I.S.A.F.,invented UP School ,an ergonomic workstation that adapts to the anatomy and physiology of a growing body.The desk that grows with you!

The UP School chair has a soft seat. it can be adjusted in different positions according to anthropometric needs, allowing children to maintain a correct posture, especially while they are growing.

A correct height and seat depth adjustment allow the pressure between the feet, thighs and buttocks

to be distributed correctly and makes sitting much more comfortable.

A chair that’s too high and a seat that’s too short prevent the user from resting his feet on the ground.

this compresses the thighs to an excessive extent, slows down blood

circulation, leads to a tingling sensation and causes difficultyin remaining seated for any length of time.

Months or years of this unnatural posture tend to change the structure of the feet and knees.This chair has one leg, thus allowing the user to assume the correct position.

The backrest must be adjustable, since it must support the third lumbar vertebra and allow the child to sit with a straight back. this means that the shape of the backrest is important and that it must also adapt to the precise anatomic measurements of each pupil.


A backrest that’s too high forces the child to bend his back in the lumbar region.

pupils sitting at the sides of the classroom must sit with their heads constantly turned in the same direction in order to follow the lessons. this leads to changes in the function of the neck muscles and chewing also forces the head to acquire an incorrect posture and often leads to vision disorders.

A table-top that turns through 20° in all directions allows a pupil to follow lessons in

any direction without having to keep his head turned in relation to his shoulders.

The UP School desk can be slanted at 4 different angles and therefore adapts to all kinds of activities, while its height can be adjusted in accordance with measurements established by the inter-university research centre. it also has: rounded edges, a groove to prevent school materials from falling off, a convenient book rest, a pencil holder, a hook for the schoolbag and non-slip feet. the nameplate is useful for preventing mix-ups and helps each student to feel responsible for the condition of his desks.


Easy adjustment of the desk height allows the pupil to write while maintaining a correct posture.

An alternative.our goal is to make sure that “disability” becomes “ability” by means of adjustable furniture which is very similar to furniture for other pupils but with some adaptations.

Finally, a different desk, but one which looks like other desks. same color, shape and adjustments but with a rounded top. all students have the same possibilities. The new desk is provided with a unique central leg, rounded top and precise adjustments which allows easy access with a wheelchair and provides the best posture to accommodate students with special needs.

The desk and chair nameplates help to make the pupils feel responsible for their furnishings. The quality and sturdiness of the products guarantee considerable savings over time.

Scientific research into the correct posture scientific research into posture performed by the Inter-University Research Centre of the three Universities of Pisa, Siena and Florence under the direction of Prof. Luciano Fonzi, personally supervised by Dr. Raul Guelfi and validated by Prof. Marcello Bunelli, world famous neurophysiologist, has identified ideal parameters and suggested that patenting a desk and chair that can be adjusted with precision in all parts and that can thus be adapted to any anatomic conformation, would be desirable.

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