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 The UP  chair has a soft seat. it can be adjusted in different positions according to developmental needs, allowing children to maintain a correct posture, especially while they are growing. 

A correct height and seat depth adjustment allow the pressure between the feet, thighs and buttocks to be distributed correctly and makes sitting much more comfortable. 

The backrest must be adjustable, since it must support the third lumbar vertebra and allow the child to sit with a straight back. this means that the shape of the backrest is important and that it must also adapt to the precise anatomic measurements of each pupil.  

A backrest that’s too high forces the child to bend his back in the lumbar region. 

Our goal is to make sure that “disability” becomes “ability” by means of adjustable furniture which is very similar to furniture for other pupils but with some adaptations.

A brochure with more details is available from:

 Ages from about 3 years to adult.

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SKU: 1EM8010
Width: 45.00 (cm)
Height 69.00 (cm)
Depth 51.00 (cm)
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