Periodic Table Curriculum (cut and printed on pvc)

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Periodic table curriculum

This kit contains everything you will need to help students understand the periodic table. You can start using this curriculum in the elementary and continue using it with students all the way into Middle School.

Begin by introducing your students to some of the basic elements with a strike the imagination presentation that uses 32 commonly known element cards. Each of the 32 elements has its own full color picture card as well as a separate history card allowing the students to participate in a "what am I" activity. In addition each of the cards shows an icon depicting the structure of that element's atom. This first part is excellent for helping students understand the relationship between atomic numbers and electrons, as well as functioning as a spring board for research activities.

Continue your lessons in chemistry by giving your students the ability to chose from any of the 118 element cards that make the periodic table. Use them for research or allow them to create their own periodic table on the floor. Watch them create one of the most impressive floor models you and their parents have ever seen.

Comes with strike the imagination lessons, and research cards.

Each element has an actual picture of where and how it is used in our every-day lives.



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