Flags of South America 3 part cards (printed on pvc)

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Flags of South America 3 Part CardsThe set includes all 33 of the flags found in South America total 99 cards.

  • Flags of South America
  • International Flag of      Antarctica

    the cards come printed on 175 gsm card.

    Card sizes are as follows:

    • Whole Card: 9cmx 13cm
    • Part Card: 9cm x 10 cm
    • Label: 9 cm x 2.5cm

    Used for early reading activities.

    Comes printed on 175 gsm plastic, have tested the plastic by submersing it in water for 7 days and have tested it also for 21 days in the Queensland sun without noticing fading.

    Advantages of pvc plastic are , colours stay stronger, feels like paper but it is smooth ,moisture resistant, last longer than even laminating, above all it saves staff time, the items are ready to be used.

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